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Cheapest Wifi Repeater

When you just want something to give your wireless signal a bit of a boost you don't want to spend more than you need to. When you're looking for the lowest cost options you lost some of the features you get with the higher priced options but if it does what you need then it's a good choice. This is our #1 cheap WiFi Repeater for an improved WiFi Signal on a budget. You can see our full reviews of all the top models on the WiFi Repeaters homepage. But if you're looking for an extra little bit of WiFi juice with a low price tag? This is the one we consider the best boost for your buck.

This is certainly not the first Amped WiFi repeater we've reviewed on the site. These guys make some of the most expensive models around and they know what they're doing. They've held our #1 spot numerous times for their results in the past. The SR150 is one of their older models but still fully supports modern wireless networks and devices. It's just missing a few of the newer features the more expensive repeaters have. That said even being behind some of the more expensive models (which you would expect at this price) it is still leagues ahead of some of the other "cheap" models. You're still looking at a rough range boost of 3,000 square feet which is nothing to sneeze at. For an average home this should solve those WiFi woes and it does it without breaking the bank.

The Positives

  • Universal compatibility with latest WiFi security and networks. It might be an older model but you won't run into compatibility problems with encryption.
  • Easy to setup. Very non-techie friendly. Amped have a great system for just selecting which network to extend.
  • High power for the price. Average homes covered pretty easily.
  • Antenna can be switched for a higher power one if needed

The Problems

  • Doesn't save config settings. If there's a power cut you'll need to set it back up.
  • Lower power than the newer models.
  • Doesn't play well with some SMC or 2wire routers (ISP provided. Usually the routers at fault here though.)
cheap wifi repeater alternatives  

The Repeater Setup

cheap wifi repeater setup

Important: The stronger the repeater the less important the setup. If you spend $300 on a repeater for a small house it's pretty much overkill but that also means you can stick it anywhere. You could keep that thing in the fridge and it's still going to get you a good wireless signal. With a cheap WiFi repeater the positioning is more important and you'll really need to carefully judge where to place it to maximise the gain. You can follow our full guide for setting up a wireless repeater but to be honest it's just a little bit of trial and error. Stick it roughly in the middle of your wireless router (where you normally connect to your wireless network) and the space you're trying to get the wireless signal to (a room or garden which didn't get a good signal before). Ideally stick it somewhere high up.  Once you've got your device in the right place the rest is easy. Amped have an easy setup process which takes care of the hard part for you. There are a few advanced settings if you want a bit more control in your network and know what you're doing but for the rest of us the tool does enough by itself to extend your network - you just need to tell it which one.    

In The Box

You won't need anything extra. You can opt to switch the antenna for a higher powered one later but the one it comes with will work for most homes.
  1. The SR150 itself (obviously)
  2. The default antenna.
  3. 1 Ethernet cable (useful for setup)
  4. Setup guide (pretty simple but handy to keep somewhere)
  5. CD (digital manual and setup guide)
  6. Stand (in case you want to place it vertically - it does look cooler that way)
  7. Warranty paperwork

The Reviews

The SR150 has some solid scores with a few hundred reviews. It doesn't have the same performance as some of the higher priced models. Most of the poor reviews are people who either don't understand what a WiFi repeater is actually for or have unreasonable expectations. The SR150 is a great model for a budget. If you're looking to cover an extra room or two in a house it's ideal. But it's not got the heavy lifting power of the more expensive models and the sane among us know that. In short - the reviews are positive. But keep in mind this is a budget model. Top review:

cheap wireless repeater review

 UPDATE: While this is still technically the best cheap wireless repeater available the current model we're rating the best wireless repeater is only a few bucks more expensive. We don't know how long the price gap will stay like this but this is worth considering. We aim to have the best performance at a budget for our cheapest model but it is a very small price difference to the main model. We'll remove this message as soon as we notice the price increasing (or if we find a cheaper model to recommend here of course) but right now if the SR150 doesn't do it for you check out our #1 rated model because it's pretty much the same price for one of the strongest signal boosts on the market just now. If you're really sure you want to look at other options though... There are $20 repeaters out there as well but generally those reviews speak for themselves. The majority of them are imported from China and you know the saying - you get what you pay for. I know it's tempting to sort by price and get the lowest price you see but trust me. I've more than a few of these which just sit in a cupboard because they're literally no use. Even in a small home they can barely get the signal into the next room.

 Uspeed WiFi Repeater and Range Extender

uspeed wifi repeaterBefore the SR150 came down in price the Uspeed repeater was our #1 cheap wifi extender suggestion. For about $20 it wasn't bad and we expected to have to sacrifice a lot more for a budget model at the time. But it's hard to suggest it now. The more WiFi devices and networks we all have the harder it is to get a decent signal. Little devices like these are harder to setup, don't have the same durability and certainly don't have the same signal strength. Uspeed has a pretty good compatibility. It works with 802.11 b/g/n from 11-300mbps and supports WPA, WPA2 and WEP security. Basically it should work just fine with most standard routers and has a pretty good range of a thousand feet without barriers or roughly three hundred feet with barriers. And unless you're setting up a wireless network in a field you're dealing with barriers. Ideal for situations when you could benefit from several cheaper repeaters instead of one bigger one. But these situations are pretty specific and very rare. There's not a lot of reason to opt for this model any more. Easily one of the cheapest WiFi repeaters we've reviewed but it seems to have a good track record and even comes with a year warranty which is amazing for the price. It's hard to fault them for the value at this low a price but it's just too low a price to get a decent WiFi extender at the end of the day. It has one of the more complicated setup procedures and doesn't quite have the same features as some of the bigger models. It's pretty common to find models which look very similar to this coming out of factories in China.  

Cheaper Repeaters

I want to be clear about this. There are much cheaper options online (even on Amazon where we suggest a lot of our repeaters) and yes, I've seen them. I've had emails in the past telling me I'm ignoring the lower priced devices and yes - yes I am. Not because I'm trying to cost you more money but because they simply are not worth it. I've had enough experience with cheap wireless repeaters myself to know that they don't work and they certainly don't save you money. The problem with a cheap device is they either don't work in the first place or they break down very quickly and in either case you just end up buying a new one which costs you even more. You're cheaper just getting a better one earlier on so while this page focuses on some of the cheapest wifi repeaters we think they are at least worthwhile.