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Best Wireless Repeater

If you want to skip all the (boring) stats and comparisons we offer on the main WiFi Repeaters page you can skip straight here. This is currently our #1 rated wireless repeater. Based on everything from wireless range and ease of use to cost and ruggedness.

You can click here to see our current #1 repeater.

If you want to skip all the (boring) stats and comparisons we offer on the main WiFi Repeaters page you can skip straight here. This is currently our #1 rated wireless repeater. Based on everything from wireless range and ease of use to cost and ruggedness. This is the #1 based on our combined decades of experience. We've reviewed a lot of Amped wireless repeaters in the last year or so. Mainly because their easy to use system makes them very accessible and their signal strength makes them suitable for home or work. They have released a lot of models (a lot of these reviews are available on the homepage) but the SR10000 ticks all the right boxes for us. It provides great performance while still being about 1/3 of the price of most repeaters. Amped dropped the price of this repeater as new models were released and while the SR10000 was a good value repeater before it's an absolute bargain now. For ease of use and signal strength it outshines a lot of the more expensive models, let alone the cheaper ones. It was our original #1 rated repeater at one point when the price was much higher and it has a pretty firm lead at the moment.  

The Positives

  • Universal compatibility with latest WiFi security and networks.
  • Easy setup. Scan - Select - Connect. Non techies are very welcome with this device.
  • Plenty of extra features for techies who do want more control over their network.
  • High powered. One of these will solve most of your signal issues around a home or office.
  • Dual up-gradable antennas which most repeaters and range extenders don't offer. This was a big selling point for the SR10000 originally and even more so at this price point.
  • NEW: This model is now a lot cheaper and still more than enough to warrant the top spot. It's hard to suggest any other model unless you need something really specific. It would be easy to spend another $100 or more on some models and get little or nothing extra. Absolutely the best value we've seen.

The Problems

  • If there's a power cut you'll need to redo the settings. But it doesn't take long. Some other repeaters store settings however which might make life easier if you plan to turn it off and on a lot.
  • Reports of failed connections if you have over 25 devices trying to connect at the same time. Larger offices or very large homes might need to spread connections if you have this many devices. Honestly we tried to replicate this but haven't been able to. It was hard enough to track down 25 devices at the same time - let alone try to gauge their wireless ability.

The Optional Bits

  • It comes with two 600mW 5dBi antennas. This is good of Amped since most devices ship with lower power versions but for a couple of extra bucks you can also upgrade these to a higher strength or swap to a directional alternative (which will reach further but only in that one direction). For general use you won't need to change from the ones it comes with but it is good to have the option.
  • They do also offer refurbished units at a decent discount. If you don't see the option it probably means they're out of stock but this can be a good option. The devices are built to last so you save a couple of bucks and you're unlikely to see any issues. The one problem here is that the refurbished option can take a long time to reach you.

The Repeater Setup

sr10000 wireless repeaterSetting up a wireless repeater is usually a very mixed bag. Some look easy but really turn into a nightmare and refuse to connect for no reason and others look difficult and still refuse to connect for no reason. I've used them for years and still sometimes the installation process can throw me off. But Amped seems to know what they're doing with this. There's a guide and installation videos included to show you what to do but it's really very easy. There's no software to install on your computer. You connect to the repeater by using your browser and choose the network to connect to. You'll need to give it your password (if you have any enabled on your wireless network) and it will handle the rest. If your network is open then you don't even need to follow that step. It's just select the network you want to extend and enjoy the new signal. There's even a free Android App which lets you control it with your phone. Although iPhone users can still do this through their phone browser. For the best results you can follow our repeater quick reference setup guide but the manual and videos that come with the SR10000 should be all you need. The only problem I've had with the setup is that it doesn't store the settings locally anywhere. So if you unplug the repeater you're going to have to set it up again the next time you plug it in. Not a huge problem as it doesn't take very long but it would be nice if it remembered. Not many devices do save these settings and it's not like you'll turn it off often enough for it to matter.
We do have our reviews on the easiest repeaters to setup. We consider the SR1000 the best for value and performance but there are more expensive models (like the TAP-EX) which will give you the same kind of wireless performance but have the touchscreen feature which means you can set them up without having to access anything from another device. The reason we don't consider these models the "best" is because you pay a little more for the touch screen functionality and (in the TAP-EX's case for example) you only get one antenna which can mean a little less flexibility and wireless strength. So the SR10000 is our suggestion if you want value and still reasonably easy to setup. If you want to remove any fuss at all and don't mind paying for the extra features take a look at our easy setup range extender options.

How it Compares

You can see why we consider the SR10000 the best option. Easily the most boost for your buck the only thing we'd like to see is the strength of the SR1000 with the touch screen setup of the TAP-EX. You might notice the RE1900A at the end there. While it is packed with features (and even calls itself the TITAN I mean c'mon that is cool). For general use at a good price we're still sticking with the SR10000 as the best repeater. Give us the RE1900A at the same price and we might change our mind however.   

repeater alternatives

In the Box

Everything you need to get started comes in the box.
  1. The repeater itself
  2. 2 5dBi high gain omni-directional antennas (you can upgrade these separately if you want to improve the range)
  3. 1 Ethernet cable
  4. Setup guide
  5. CD (user manual and installation video guides)
  6. Vertical mount stand
  7. Warranty details
The antennas can be removed and be replaced with others if you need the extra boost. These antennas can range in price but most people won't need anything more than the two it comes with. It is good to have the option though, most repeaters don't allow you to swap antennas at all and this one has two.
Two 9dBi dual band antennas will cost around $10 and can give you a good extra boost.

The Reviews

Reviews have been great for the Amped repeater range and their Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater and Range Extender (SR10000) especially. They have thousands of great reviews and it's a solid piece of kit which will solve a lot of the range issues people have. We originally reviewed this model back when it had a few hundred reviews and we're glad to see the popularity hasn't diminished. There are a handful of bad reviews out there as well but you never find a piece of technology which doesn't have at least some critics. Most of the problems people have with it does seem to be caused by problems they've created or by not following the installation properly. If you do have problems though they have a great tech support service with a 1 year warranty to back up their products. The thousands of great reviews outweigh a few bad ones and the SR10000 Amped Smart Repeater and Range Extender is our top reviewed repeater by far.

The Best Wireless Repeater?

It's hard to ever say something is the best wireless repeaters. Especially when we review as many repeaters and range extenders as we can but currently this is probably the best there is. There are more expensive ones and there are cheaper ones but there's not that really get this much performance for this kind of price. It's easy to use, reliable and it has a great range which is even up-gradable if you need it. For average use in a home or small-medium office this will be fine. If a room or area is missing a wireless signal and you need to get that bit extra out of it this is the one to go for. The alternatives are higher priced specified models like outdoor repeaters (which obviously need to be waterproof and usually have directional antennas) or you can go the opposite direction and check out the cheaper wireless repeaters but you know the old saying "you get what you pay for". Our yardstick is "boost for buck". You could easy spend a few hundred dollars on wireless equipment and not get much functionality than this can give you. And for the vast majority of cases one of these is all you'll need. Technically the "best" repeater could have a dozen antennas and cost you over a thousand dollars but why pay more than you have to? When I try to explain this to people while installing they think I'm selling them the "cheap" or value models and skimming the extra for myself. I tell them by all means they can spend more on a different device but it won't do anything the SR10000 wouldn't do for them anyway. 

sr1000 repeater

The Alternatives

The alternatives will always change. As new models come onto the market we'll hopefully find bigger and better technology. You can look at the pages along the top for some alternatives but there is a reason we consider this the best repeater at the moment. It really is hard to suggest anything else when this is so far above the curve. You can step down for a slightly cheaper price to the SR300 or go to the SR600EX which has an even bigger range for the extra price. You can click the button below to see the full comparison chart of the models over on Amazon but the SR10000 is a good 'middle man' which is cheap enough while still providing a strong signal and upgrade options. If you're happy to shell out more for a higher price model then take a look at our review. It will certainly give you higher performance but you will be looking at about double the price so I'd only tend to suggest it if you really know you'll need the extra power.

Update: Still the Best

We rated the SR10000 the best repeater a long time ago. In fact back in 2012. In 2017 the technology has moved along but don't think we've stopped maintaining the page. We're actively checking out later equipment and once something provides anything like this at a reasonable price we'll consider listing it as the best.

amped wireless

 New devices have come and gone since the original review. We've covered devices from Amped and from others and while our ratings have shifted up and down this has been a fairly constant #1. Here and there it budged when there was a special deal on another model but we're incredibly confident in calling this model the best repeater.