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There seems to be a lot of confusion between WiFi repeaters and signal boosters. So before I show you some of the best signal boosters we’ve found I want to just make sure you understand the difference.

A wireless repeater is a standalone device which is setup and takes an existing wireless signal and ‘repeats’ it. So if you have a router in the living room and the signal reaches your bedroom but not the garden (as an example) you can place a repeater in your bedroom and it will repeat the signal from there which will reach your garden. So instead of the ‘dead space’ where the signal wouldn’t reach before the wireless repeater will now send the signal there and anyone (who knows the password if you have one set) can connect to it. A WiFi repeater is a great way to boost your signal and once you have it setup you just leave it there to repeat the signal.

A signal booster is a little different. Instead of being a stand alone unit it will be an antenna which connects to an existing wireless adapter or a completely new WiFi adapter. Instead of boosting the signal itself it just helps the computer or laptop it is connected to receive a better signal from the network it is trying to connect to.

Basically: if you want to improve the signal of a wireless network around a building or area then try a repeater like this. If you want to improve the signal your laptop or computer gets to networks in general have a look at some of the wireless signal boosters below.

Amped Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Signal Booster

wifi signal boosterOne of the strongest signal boosters around at the moment. This antenna can be connected to any wireless adapter, router or even a WiFi repeater. If you can unscrew your existing antenna you can attach this one instead. If you can’t, then take a look at some of the stand alone signal boosters below.

Normally a typical adapter or router offers around 50mW while the Amped high power signal booster gives you closer to 1000mW. It is omni-directional and made to boost your signal in a complete 360 degree radius. The compatibility is great and should work just fine with any 802.11b/g/n device which allows you to replace the antenna. It is a lot physically bigger than any of the standard antennas you will have seen before but it is certainly worth the size.

You can hook it up to your laptops wireless adapter and really improve the signal you get while on the move or you can connect it to your router and boost the signal further throughout your house. Some reviews even said all it took to boost the signal through to their garden was one of these on their router.

Certainly one of the best signal boosters around – you can see full details and order your own here.




Alfa Long-Range Network Adapter

alfa wireless adapterIf you want to replace your network adapter and improve your range while you are at it then take a look at the Alfa long range network adapter. It is cheap and easy to use while being compatible with Windows, Mac and even Linux. With most operating systems it is as simple as plugging it in but even in the worst case scenario you install a few drivers which are already included.

It comes with an above average 5 dBi antenna which can be easily upgraded with something like the Amped signal booster above. Even without the upgrade it is going to be better than most of the normal wireless adapters you get. I used this model myself for a long time on my desktop and swapped it in for another adapter I had paid at least twice as much for. The results are impressive and if you add this together with an even stronger antenna you will really boost the range and signal strength.

The adapter connects through USB and comes with a dock. The cable is fairly short but you want to keep the cable as short as possible. A longer cable causes a power problems which are just not worthwhile. With this kind of adapter a few feet on a USB cable won’t make that much of a difference anyway.

This is probably the cheapest viable option for boosting a wireless signal at the moment. It is easy to do and a great combination with the Amped high power signal booster from above. You can get the complete details of the features above by clicking here.


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