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WiFi Booster Software

We’ve had various requests for reviews on some of the WiFi booster software people have found and sent to us. I’ve avoided mentioning this because I know someone is going to see the title and get excited. But the truth is there is not really much you can do with software. But I’m going to give you a quick look at some of the software alternatives to a WiFi booster.

The Good

The closest wireless boosting software would be DD-WRT. But before you head over there keep in mind this is not something you can install on your computer or device and expect a better signal. It’s a firmware you can install on (some) routers which gives them the functionality of much more expensive routers.

It does require you to be comfortable with computers because you are flashing your router but the guide is straightforward enough. The problem is it doesn’t really do that much for your signal. Router manufacturers might throttle a lot of things which they could have otherwise included but they’ve no real reason to throttle the signal and you won’t really get much out of it. Still, if your router is compatible it certainly doesn’t hurt to get a few extra features on there.

The Bad

There are some tools which I could could be called WiFi booster software but not in the sense you’re probably thinking (thus why I’d consider them ‘bad’ but not ‘ugly’). There is no program you can install which just improves the signal of your wireless network but there are some things you can use to help yourself improve it.

wifi booster softwareAnything which gives you a decent look at your signal strength can be used. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to find the right positioning for your wireless repeater and router. As you move things back and forth you don’t want to have to use the network for an hour each time to gauge the signal. You want a tool which does it for you.

You can use something like the Windows or Apple default software which gives you a bar reading. This will give you a rough idea of which room is a better spot but for a more precise indication (like where about in a room) you’ll need something with a more precise reading.

There are dozens of tools and apps out there which can do this (maybe even hundreds or thousands) but you might want to take a look at Netstumbler. It’s free and has everything you need to judge the wireless signal strength while you adjust it.

The Ugly

And then there’s just the plain ugly tools. You know the way you ignore all those adverts and spam about speeding up your PC? Ignore anything calling itself WiFi booster software the same way. The software doesn’t exist because it’s not possible. It’d be the same as a program called ‘make sandwiches pop out of your CD tray’ but there are fake tools out there claiming to work and they’re just full of ad-ware and other nastiness.

Boosting Your Wireless Signal

So I’m sorry to disappoint everyone but there are just no decent programs out there which can boost your wireless network. Anything parading as WiFi booster software is not safe and won’t work but you can still boost your signal by using a wireless repeater instead.

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