WiFi Booster for PS4 and PS3

As a gamer myself I understand the pain of having a weak WiFi signal to your PS4 or PS3. To any gaming console for that matter. Ideally the best way to get a connection is by using an ethernet cable to attach your console directly to the router but when I came home with a huge cable and a plan… well my wife had other ideas. The WiFi obviously has the advantage of not having to run a cable through the house but if the wireless signal is too weak you’re going to have poor download speeds, stuttering streaming and (worst of all) you’re likely to get dropped out of games as your connection continually drops.

Luckily there are some things we can do about this to get a stable and quick connection. Considering our main role here is to review the best wireless boosters in general we will give you some suggestions on the best devices to match your console but firstly there might be some other things you can try.

playstation wifi

Step 1) Optimising Your Wireless Network

First up let’s take a look at your network. Even if we’ve ruled out running a cable from your console to the router there’s still a few things we can do to boost the wireless signal. If you look at our full wireless network setup guide it’ll give you a full rundown of what to actually look for but let’s go with the cliff notes.

  • The less obstruction between your console and router the better. Anything such as doors and furniture (even the family dog) can weaken your wireless signal. I’m not saying take a sledgehammer to the walls or kicking out the dog. I’m saying elevation is key. If you raise your router higher from the ground the signal will be running into less obstruction. The same goes for your PS4 or PS3. Ideally you want to raise both if possible but even one might be enough to strengthen your signal. Obviously this is situational and depends on your setup (just make sure you’re using wireless controls).
  • The PS4 and PS3 wireless connection has an internet antenna. This helps it look neat but affects your signal. Positioning still helps though if your console is tucked into a corner somewhere or too close to other devices this can be weakening the strength of the connection. This commonly happens with entertainment builds. Moving your PS4 into the open and away from other devices will help it connect better.
  • While we’re looking at antennas let’s look at your router. Most of the better ones will include antennas. Normally these are omni-directional but if you’re really struggling you could spend a few bucks on some higher strength antennas which can provide a slight boost or a proper directional antenna and point it towards the location of your PS3/PS4 which can provide a real difference in connection.
  • The last step is your wireless network settings. If you network is too similar to your neighbours and other networks in the area it can interfere with your own devices. The best way to fix this is with a little trial and error. Log into your router and switch channels and frequencies around until your connection is better. There is a more technical way of doing this but honestly it isn’t worth the bother when there isn’t that many options to choose from. Just look at the signal strength your PlayStation is getting as you change the network settings (I’d give it a few minutes after each change to let it update properly).

Step 2) Trying Again for the Cable

Wife still says no?

Could you wait until she falls asleep and do it then?

No? Right let’s look at a proper WiFi booster then.

Step 3) Getting A Wireless Booster

If you don’t want to know the details on how a wireless booster works (or you already know them) you can skip this and take a look at our best wireless repeater review. This will work fine with a PS4, PS3 or any console which can connect to a wireless network.

If changing settings isn’t going to be enough then it is time to break out the hardware. If the mountain will not come to Muhammad then Muhammad must use a device to create another mountain. That’s the saying – right?

Basically that is what we’re talking about though. A wireless booster (booster, repeater, range extender or ‘weird box’ are all the same names for the same device) will take your original network and create another version of it. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of use until you think about it.

wifi booster for ps4

By positioning the booster in between your router and your PS4/PS3/whatever console you bridge the gap where the signal is weak. The repeater is able to get a solid internet connection from the original repeater and your console only has to connect to the repeater which can be much closer and therefore give you a solid signal. Easy. Job done.

All you need to do is make sure your console is set to connect to the new network and not the old one. By boosting or extending all it really means is it creates another network for devices to connect to.

Before I suggest a booster to use I do want to make a quick warning. I’ve seen some manufacturers stick specific names on their packaging to make it look like their device is an official signal booster for a PS3 or is specifically made for console gaming. This could not be further from the truth. At the time of writing there is no Sony wireless repeater and even if they brought one out they’d have some stiff competition. You don’t need anything specific for your console. If a PS4 can (or a PS3) can connect to your wireless router (or would connect if it could get a strong enough signal) which is made by a different company there’s no need for your booster to be a Sony brand either.

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