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WiFi Booster for Laptop

Nothing really empathizes how great a wireless network is as well as a laptop. To be able to do nearly anything from anywhere you get a wireless signal. Heck I’m writing up this article on a laptop while waiting for my toaster to pop in the kitchen. It is about as freeing as it gets while still keeping capability. The problem is when you have a hard time getting that signal or – when you do get it – it keeps dropping.

Rather than restricting yourself to places where you have a weaker wireless signal you need to look at how you can improve that signal and keep your wireless freedom. So here’s a look at the best WiFi booster for laptops and how you can use it to your advantage.

First of all a WiFi booster can split into two categories:

Stand Alone Repeaters

Personally I think this is the way to go most of the time. Rather than connecting anything to your laptop and having to worry about breaking it or having to deal with extra things hanging out of your USB ports you can setup a stand alone wireless repeater.

If you’re having problems getting a wireless signal around the home or office then you can setup a repeater somewhere sitting out of the way which will connect to the router and create a new wireless network which will effectively share the internet it gets from the router. So instead of trying to get a wireless signal to the router when it keeps cutting off you can position a stand alone repeater somewhere between you and the repeater and connect to it instead.

You don’t need to do anything with the laptop or even install any software. You don’t need to move around or suffer from a poor wireless signal – instead you get a better signal wherever you are. This is how a wireless network is supposed to be, making life easier not harder. You can check out the best options on our WiFi booster page.

Antennas and Adapters

laptop wifi booster

If you’re not trying to get a stronger signal from a network in, or around, your home or office then you might be looking to increase the wireless signal your laptop gets in general. In that case the best WiFi booster for laptop choice would be a better adapter and antenna combo. Now you might be used to having an internal wireless card which means your laptop is in one neat package. But if using an external stand alone WiFi booster isn’t an option then you’ll need something new connected to the laptop.

Basically your existing wireless adapter isn’t strong enough. Either it’s internal which limits the signal strength or just doesn’t pack enough power even if you already use an external one. If you take a look at our best wireless signal booster review we have some examples of  the better antennas and adapters you can use.

Best WiFi Booster

We try to gear our reviews towards our readers. Rather than say there is overall only one wireless booster which is worth using we look at as many as we can and suggest the best for certain situations.

Choosing between using an external repeater and a new adapter is down to how you use your laptop personally. If you’re trying to get a signal around the same kind of place than an external one can do it without having to worry about trailing anything around with you. If you travel a lot then you’ll need something on your laptop itself to boost the signal with different networks. You can always combine the two if you really want to boost your WiFi signal.

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