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When you just want something to give your wireless signal a bit of a boost you don’t want to spend more than you need to. When you’re looking for the lowest cost options you lost some of the features you get with the higher priced options but if it does what you need then it’s a good choice.

Note: We’re not claiming these are the best WiFi repeaters around. They’re pretty good quality for the price but they don’t compete with most of the higher priced models we’ve reviewed.

Amped Smart Repeater and Range Extender SR150

cheap amped wireless repeaterAmped is easily the current leading producer of wireless repeaters and the SR150 is their budget model. Still more than capable of competing with repeaters twice this price point this is our #1 suggestion for a cheap repeater while still being fully featured and easy to work with.

Compatibility isn’t an issue and the setup is straight forward. If you do have any issues with their software setup there’s a great guarantee and their tech support is easy to work with. External high gain 3DBI antennas are included and you’re looking at a rough range boost of 3,000 square feet.

For a wireless signal on a budget you really won’t find better than this at the moment. In fact (at the time of writing) there is even a deal on at the moment making it even cheaper. You can click here to see the price.

Uspeed WiFi Repeater and Range Extender

Uspeed wifi repeater and range extenderThis is actually a pretty impressive piece of kit. Simple to setup, good performance and a low price. The Uspeed WiFi repeater is our first pick for a cheap repeater. We actually expected to have to sacrifice a lot more to find a price range like this but this one was a bit of a curve ball.

Uspeed has a pretty good compatibility. It works with 802.11 b/g/n from 11-300mbps and supports WPA, WPA2 and WEP security. Basically it should work just fine with most standard routers and has a pretty good range of a thousand feet without barriers or roughly three hundred feet with barriers. Ideal for situations when you could benefit from several cheaper repeaters instead of one bigger one.

Easily one of the cheapest WiFi repeaters we’ve reviewed but it seems to have a good track record and even comes with a year warranty which is amazing for the price. Well worth checking out if you’re looking to save some money.

It has one of the more complicated setup procedures and doesn’t quite have the same features and performance as something like our top rated repeater (an example of the setup is shown in the video below) but if you don’t have a big range to cover and you just want the simple basics on a budget this is a great choice. You ┬ácan get the full details and pricing here.

ZyXEL Access Point and Range Extender

This is actually a bit of a weird one from ZyXEL. Most of the stuff we suggest are built for purpose and made to be a repeater but the ZyXEL Wireless N Access point and Range Extender is actually a wireless router which can double as a range extender. Again, it can’t really compete with some of the higher end repeaters but it can do the job if you want a low price device.

It has the same compatibility as the Uspeed repeater and has some pretty nice eco-friendly features like scheduling to turn the wireless setting off at certain periods. The setup is a little more complicated than most as, by default, it acts just like an access point rather than a repeater. It is a great feature and gives you the option of using it as another access point in the future, if needed, but personally we’d suggest going with the Uspeed instead. The price difference is not big and you’ll get a more reliable device with an easier setup.

Cheaper Repeaters

I want to be clear about this. There are much cheaper options online (even on Amazon where we suggest a lot of our repeaters) and yes, I’ve seen them. I’ve had emails in the past telling me I’m ignoring the lower priced devices and yes – yes I am. Not because I’m trying to cost you more money but because they simply are not worth it. I’ve had enough experience with cheap wireless repeaters myself to know that they don’t work and they certainly don’t save you money.

The problem with a cheap device is they either don’t work in the first place or they break down very quickly and in either case you just end up buying a new one which costs you even more. You’re cheaper just getting a better one earlier on so while this page focuses on some of the cheapest wifi repeaters we think they are at least worthwhile.

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