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amped wireless repeaters

If you’ve read any of my other brand or model reviews you’ll know I don’t have any bias. I call crap repeaters crap and good repeaters good. But I have very few bad things to say about the current Amped range. They basically have everything right and even their current models come in a couple of different variations depending on the strength of the signal you need repeated. They’re all N-type and the output power can vary from 100-600mW depending on the model but it’s still above average. The range can cover anything from 3,000 square feet to 1.5 miles – again depending on the model. They have a signal strength to suit everyone and an easy setup procedure to boot.

It pains us sometimes as we test new devices because we’re trying to be an impartial review source and (at the time of writing) Amped have most of the best repeaters on the market.

Some of the Pros

External high DBI antennas are included in most of their devices (mid range 5dBI ones as well while most alternatives ship with 2dBI antennas) and they’re not wall mounted which means you can move them as you need to. They all have great compatibility and security settings. Just in general they’re everything you could currently want from a repeater. Everything I say is missing from other repeaters is accounted for here and there’s even some features which you wouldn’t expect to find on a repeater (such as file storage). The reviews behind the devices are great and pretty much reflect exactly how I feel about them at the moment.

I consider myself impartial and I’ll give every brand a fair chance. But when one brand is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else it becomes harder to actually recommend you pay more for less with another brand. Sure if, for some reason, you have something against Amped and their wireless repeaters there are other choices out there but the fact of the matter is they’re not good ones. There is very little out there which can actually compete with Amped wireless repeaters.

The Cons

Now at a real push here I can find some cons. And, as a review site, it is my job to push to find those cons to give you a fair assessment. If you’re looking for a cheap wireless repeater you can get some viable choices for about half the price of the basic Amped models. It won’t compete with signal strength or features but if you’re certain you don’t need that much power then you can save yourself about $30 by taking a look at our cheapest wireless repeaters.

That said the models Amped offers are about the same price as the average repeater and to be honest you’re better spending that extra $30 for the better features and signal strength Amped can provide. We don’t tend to suggest some of the very bottom end repeaters because they’re generally just not worth it even considering the couple of bucks you save. We gauge wireless extenders with our “boost for buck” yardstick which means we’re taking value into account here as well.

Extra Benefits

Other than the quality they can provide Amped actually has a pretty good reputation for their tech support skills which is pretty rare for a company these days. They also include their range increase guarantee and offer free tools to help you improve your wireless network (not that you can’t get the same kind of thing online anyway but still, it’s a good gesture).

Amped Wireless Repeater Setup Procedure

Amped Wireless have their setup procedure polished up by now. Most of their devices work on the same setup (or at least variations of that model) and we’ve seen it so many times during installs we’d be sick of it if didn’t make things easy. There are alternatives like the touchscreen models (which we consider the easy setup options for non-techies because you don’t need to mess around with other devices) but the rest of them are web hosted on the repeater itself. As soon as the device powers up you can either use the touch screen to configure it or connect to the new wireless network hosted by the range extender.

Much like you would configure a wireless router you’ll then have access to the control panel. Just like you would connect your average wireless device to a network you’ll have a list of networks (two if you have a dual band range extender) and you’ll be asked for the login for the one you want to extend. The control panel will show you a clear signal strength (in %) to the original connection. You want it far enough away from the original device to cover the new area – but close enough to have a reliable and quick signal. You can see the control panel here suggests above 70% and unless you don’t mind the secondary network being a bit slower I’d stick to that.

Note: If you’re having a problem trying to get a good connection check out our guide on setting up a wireless extender. You can mix up the position a bit or consider directional antennas if needed. Obviously stronger devices will make this easier but you can squeeze more juice out of the lower price models even by basic positioning changes.

amped wireless repeater setup

An example of the SR10000 setup but most models are similar if not the same

You can see an example of the unboxing and setup here. This isn’t our video and it shows an older model of repeater (we’re working on making a more up to date video) but the process is very similar. There are just better alternatives to the device shown in the video itself.

Best Wireless Range Extender Models

So I can gush about how Amped are on top for a while longer but what is the best model to actually go with? They have a growing range and just like any manufacturer some are going to be better options than others. Our homepage has the ranking top list of wireless extenders but if you want to skip all the numbers and comparisons you can skip straight to what we currently consider the best wireless repeater available.

There is always a chance that by the time you read this we have a new model we consider the best and Amped has been dethroned. If that’s the case then there’s a reason we think it’s better than Amped. We don’t believe in brand loyalty when it comes to getting the best boost for your buck. At the time of writing however we consider the SR10000 from Amped as the best wireless range extender for sheer value. We do show a few alternatives including the higher power (and higher price) alternatives but this is our #1 reigning champ for performance and price.

We do (at the time of writing) have non Amped range extenders in our top 5 list but they do dominate the results at the moment. This is purely because they are the industry leader at the moment. We have had claims before that we are linked with or belong to Amped however so I’d like to clear that up:

Disclaimer: We are not associated with Amped Wireless. We rate a lot of their range extenders in the top of their fields but this is based on merit and they’ll be replaced when/if another brand comes along. They did offer us review models of one of their repeaters a long time ago (as did several Chinese companies offering much lower quality range extenders) but we didn’t take them up on it. They tweeted about us once years ago when we reviewed one of their extenders as the best wireless repeater of the year.

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