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Call it whatever you’d like. A WiFi repeater, a WiFi booster or a wireless range extender. At the end of the day it is a little box built to take away all your WiFi woes. If you have an area which won’t get a good wireless signal or you have a network just out of reach and you’d like to extend it? Then this is exactly what you need.

We review the latest models to make sure you get the most boost for your buck and our top repeaters don’t require any technical skill. The repeater can do everything for you – you just tell it which network to extend.

Latest Wireless Extender Reviews

These are our current top models. You can read the full review for each one but they’re given a rating for each category to help you narrow them down.

If you are not sure what to look for then you might want to take a look at the overall best wireless repeater or some of our guides on what to look for and how to set up.

Wireless RepeaterModelPriceSignalEase of UseDurabilityFeaturesCompatibilityPriceRatingFull Review
best wifi repeaterAmped SR10000Check Best Price94%96%100%85%100%99%95%Read Review
Amped sr150Amped SR150Check Best Price85%94%100%80%100%100%94%Read Review
TAP-EX2Amped AC750 Tap-EX2Check Best Price95%100%98%95%100%80%94%Read Review
TP-Link CPE210TP-Link CPE210Check Best Price100%80%100%80%100%85%90%Read Review

easy wireless repeater

The Best WiFi Repeater For You

As with any electronic device choosing the right WiFi repeater can be time consuming and wastes your money if you get the wrong one. There are hundreds of range extenders to choose from and each one will tell you they are the best. Our goal is to help you find exactly what you are looking for and make it easy for you to choose between them.

Because wireless repeaters come in different types and with different features we have divided them up to make it easier for you to choose between. Each page will list the WiFi range extenders and a short review for each. Hopefully this site will make it as easy as possible to find the right one for you.

One final note before we get started. A WiFi repeater is the same thing as a WiFi range extender or WiFi booster. We alternate between the terms from time to time just to make sure everyone finds what they are looking for. They are stand alone devices which take your wireless signal and ‘boost’, ‘extend’ or ‘repeat’ them to improve the range and quality of your wireless signal. Various names given to the same kind of device. We also look at signal booster antennas which can be plugged into your wireless card to improve your individual signal. Choose from the pages below to find our reviews and suggestions to fit your needs.

Best Wireless Repeater

best wifi repeaterWe thought we’d start with the best. After reviewing every repeater we could find it would be hard not to find one we liked the best.

All of our reviews are impartial but when one repeater has better reviews, features and pricing than the others it makes it kind of hard not to pick a favorite.

There are hundreds to choose from and to start with this is our top rated WiFi repeater. It has the best reviews, features and all around value. If you don’t already have an idea of what you are looking for then this is our #1 suggestion. With great value and suitable for almost all situations the entire Amped range is a good place to start and we think we’ve found the overall best. You can visit the best wireless repeater page to see the full review and get the cheapest price.

Our other pages have shorter reviews and selections but this is frequently updated with the best ‘all rounder’ and is the one we get the best feedback about.

Easy to Use Wifi Range Extenders

While some repeaters come with easy setup software which guide you through everything others involve far too much configuration and messing around before they will work. For those who do not want to bother with a nightmare of getting everything working we have our easy setup range extenders page.

Whether you’re a technophobe or just hate the fuss we have grouped up some of the easiest to use range extenders which can be setup and ready to go in minutes. No technical skills required. A few minutes to setup and then you can leave them to do their thing and enjoy the increased signal. Of course this all becomes a moot point if you are lucky enough to have a ‘tech head’ as a friend or in the family who can set one up for you.

We do make a point of focusing on the best we can find which usually involves an easy setup but here we’ve just focused on the ones which make it as easy as possible. The rule of thumb for this category is it only qualifies if my grandmother would be able to set it up. And she once asked me how to plug the printer into the internet.

Cheapest WiFi Repeater

Netgear wireless n repeaterPrices for extenders can vary pretty widely depending on features and branding. If you are looking to keep it low cost then we do have some suggestions for you while still keeping quality in mind. For basic tasks you can save money and still get exactly what you need. We have some short reviews and comparisons to the higher priced models on our cheapest WiFi repeater page.

We always say there is no point in spending more than you have to on electronics and range boosters are no different. If you can get the range on your wireless network and not pay too much then I’d call that a double win. They’re not expensive devices in general and most of the ones we suggest keep price and value in mind but if you strip out the flash and go for simple range boosting ability then you can save yourself a little extra.

Keep in mind when you see things listed for $5 online you are probably looking at a signal booster and not a repeater. The lines seem to blur somewhat between the two and we’ve seen people buy the wrong thing before. So you won’t see $5 listings here because we are reviewing actual WiFi repeaters but these are still some of the cheapest models which still being good quality and actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing. We have also avoided any with bad track records. No point in saving $20 if you have to replace it again (and waste more money) a few weeks later.

Outdoor WiFi Repeater

Normally repeaters are used indoors but there are some outdoor signal boosters which will not break down when the rain starts. Perfect if you want to boost your wireless signal between buildings or out into the garden for example our outdoor WiFi repeater page has reviews and suggestions of the perfect solutions.

Note: If you’re trying to get your signal into your garden remember you can still do so with an indoors repeater depending on the size of your garden and the positioning of your repeater. But if you do intend on putting it outdoors then make sure you are getting an outdoors WiFi repeater and not just putting a normal one outside. Electronics and the weather do not mix well unless they’ve been properly designed for it.

WiFi Signal Boosters

signal boostersMost of our reviews are of stand alone signal repeaters. You plug them into the wall and set them up and your WiFi signal will be repeated from that area. This is usually the best choice for most people but we also take a look at some signal boosters.

While a repeater will plug into a mains socket and act a lot like a second wireless access point, signal boosters attach to your wireless adapter on your computer or laptop instead of into a power socket. Think of it like connecting a stronger antenna. They only work for that computer but it suits some people better. We look properly at the difference between a repeater and a signal booster (as well as some reviews of the best ones) on our wireless signal booster page.

In general though range extenders seem to be a better choice for most people. We like to cover the alternative though just in case. We take a proper comparison look between the two on the page but basically if you want to improve the general signal you get from a laptop on the move then a signal booster is a good choice. If you want to improve the range of your wireless network in the house, for example, then a WiFi repeater is a better choice because it improves it for every wireless device and you don’t need to plug in a bulky antenna to your computer or laptop.

Always use your best judgement and take your time when considering an alternative. Personally we prefer range extenders but it really comes down to your personal needs. If it does what you need it to then that should be the guiding light.

Why Use a WiFi Extender

If you have found your way here without actually knowing what you need then you might be wondering why you should use a WiFi extender at all or what we’re even talking about. So we put a quick guide together on what a wireless repeater is for and what it can do for your wireless network.

Setting Up a Wifi Repeater

Because we only really review the devices we think are worthwhile we tend to find they come with everything you need to get them up and running. But it never hurts to have some extra advice and we’ve had enough experience with using them for our own networks that we put together a quick guide on using WiFi repeaters.

Our Wireless Repeater Reviews

This site is run by dedicated tech guys who spend a lot of time working with technology. With years of experience working with wireless repeaters we found a lot of people were wasting their money and still not getting the right signal boost so we put this site together to help people make informed choices without getting too bogged down with the technical details. We’re here to help you get something which will suit your needs, is affordable and will get your wireless network as convenient as it should be.

With so many devices out there we haven’t had a chance to review them all yet. If you would like us to take a look at a specific make or model then visit the contact page and let us know. Be sure you’ve looked through the various pages and if you do find one you like be sure to read the reviews before making your decision. We split them up because what suits one person might not suit another so try to keep that in mind. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to pick a WiFi repeater and make it as easy to setup and use as your wireless network should be.

A WiFi boosters, range extenders, repeaters or whatever you want to call them can really change how you use your wireless network. A WiFi extender can give your network a reliable signal and reach areas which your router wouldn’t normally be able to. A wireless network is great when it works well but can be a complete nightmare if you have to keep dealing with your network constantly cutting out or the signal not reaching certain rooms. Use our guides to choose between the best repeaters out there or, if you really don’t know what you want, take a look at our top rated best wifi range extender at the top of the page this should suit most people and do everything you need.

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  • Chase

    I can never get my wireless network to reach around the house properly is this what I need?

  • Mike

    The guy at the store wasn’t a lot of help kept trying to get me to go buy the most expensive piece of junk he could find. Thanks for this finally got something which actually works.

  • Milly

    Will this improve my internet speed?

  • Owen

    Thanks to your wifi repeater reviews I got something which really boosted my range to the rooms upstairs. Have you any suggestions on a good router?

  • Rory

    What do you think about a linksys wifi repeater? Are they any good?

  • Craig

    Is there any way to make your own repeater? I remember seeing something about a metal cone around the antenna or something…

  • Kat

    Is one of the cheap ones enough to still get a good boost? I don’t really want to get the wrong thing and just end up having to get another anyway.

  • Matty

    I wasn’t even sure if it was a wireless extender or repeater I needed. Why are there so many names for the same things?

  • Jirit

    Can you use one of these alongside a wifi antenna booster or could you use one on the repeater as well as the router to get even more out of it?

  • Tony

    What is the best repeater to choose? If you had to pick one above any other what would it be?

  • Timmy

    What do you think of the Belkin wifi repeater?

  • Kirsty

    Will this work on my iPad and laptop as well?

  • Creamy

    Is this the same thing as a router extender? My ISP sent me a new router when I upgraded but this never seems to get a good signal and even when it does connect it goes slowly and keeps dropping out.

    My wireless internet basically sucks at the moment and I’m looking for something to fix it as I had to send my old router back.

  • Vicky

    Is there anything I can do on my android phone to test and see if this would work before I actually get one?

  • Olop

    Can you use more than one at the same time? I’m trying to get my friends from upstairs network repeated down to my flat so we can play games but one only gets it as far as my front hall.

    Could I get a second in the hall to spread it into my house?

  • Zell

    Where is the best place to get a good repeater? My PC shop in town only has the cheap $20 ones and I’ve tried one it barely does anything.

  • Sacha

    What is a wireless repeater going to do to my other wireless devices like my phone and iPad?

  • Diva22

    Will it work with my cell phone and get it a better signal?

  • Kelly

    My wifi connection is so bad it barely reaches the kitchen and the router is only a room away! I’m trying to get the pc in the kitchen connected to the wireless so I don’t have to drag a cable everywhere is there anything I can do with this?

  • Polly

    can you tell me how to setup a wifi repeater from start to finish? I’m not very good with this kind of thing. I’ve got two of them sitting here one of the old Belkin ones with the blue case which came with a software CD to follow and the one ALFA one I got from this site which has a different disk to use.

    Do I need to plug it into the router or something first I can’t seem to figure it out I know there’s a “one click setup” button somewhere but I don’t know how to use it or what it does can anyone help me get this working I really need my internet up this weekend to study! Help!!

  • Frankie

    What do you think of CISCO? I like getting a brand I know but I don’t know how they do with repeaters.

  • Dimitry

    Do you have a guide on setting up the DDWRT properly? Their wiki is really confusing I got so lost.

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